dear future, - dear future,

Capture the moment. Save it forever.

This is your unique moment. The moment when time stopped. Unspeakable happiness at the birth of a child. Strong faith in wedding vows. Infused with trust, the intertwining of fingers of innocent love. A fleeting moment that you want to engrave in your memory. It can last forever! May it last forever. Safely stored in a time capsule. Save a letter, picture or souvenir. Bury it and keep your feelings forever.

A past that retains its luster.

Saved for eternity.

What is it today that you or your loved ones would like to remember and relive in the future? Excitement? Hope? Gratitude? A vow? A time capsule will help you store all the feelings you want to feel again in the future. Write down and save today for the future. Future message for your partner, children, friend or yourself! Seal your vow, bury it and check in years to see if you fulfilled it. It makes you laugh or cry.

It gives uniqueness, exclusivity and prestige.

Give a gift that leaves a mark. Give the gift of a time capsule and a story of eternity. Each time capsule is unique, hand-made especially for you, stored in beautiful packaging. Its unique design and the most prestigious materials will captivate you. Each capsule has its own serial number, in this way we carefully monitor the order base in order to ensure that the gift of a time capsule does not repeat itself at the same event.

Time capsule worthy events

A time capsule as a gift is suitable for various events:

  • wedding
  • communion and confirmation
  • birth of a child
  • retirement
  • Birthday
  • important anniversaries
  • protocol event

Uniqueness and exclusivity guaranteed.

Ordering a time capsule as a gift for a special event and worried that someone has already ordered it before you? Don't worry, we have stored a database of submitted capsules, so when ordering, we check if it might be the same event and inform you about it.

Letters and photographs

Newspaper clippings

Small items

Songs and children's drawings

“Od samega zaprtja kapsule naprej me matra, kakšen bo ženin odziv ob branju mojega pisma in kaj je ona napisala meni. Res zanimivo darilo, ki s časom še pridobiva na vrednosti.”

Rok Z.,  Koper

“Že prvi pogled na časovno kapsulo me je očaral. Oblika vsebuje čiste linije in prefinjene krivulije. Sama teža kapsule pa daje občutek robustnosti in vrhunske kakovosti, ki bo v naslednjih letih brez težav kljubovala času. Vsekakor priporočam!”

Matevž K., Hruševje

“Do zadnjega sem iskala darilo, ki bi bilo nekaj posebnega in nato skorajda ostala brez. Časovna kapsula je bila idealna rešitev v zadnjem trenutku. Hvala!”

Lara M., Ljubljana